Friday, 23 Aug 2019

Types of Online Poker Bonuses

Online poker is one of the most competitive online industries there is out there today and there are countless poker rooms fighting for our money which is why they all have generous bonuses. Some poker rooms have adapted different Full Tilt Poker bonuses over the years which means you can be rewarded more then once if you know about the types of bonuses to look for which is where I’m going to help you. If you like taking advantage of bonuses and free money then continue reading this small guide on the different poker bonuses you can receive from the online poker rooms. Not every poker room will offer all types of bonuses

Welcome Bonus

Your welcome bonus will be available from every online poker room that you join and the only thing that will differ is the amount the bonus is worth as well as the wagering requirements. You want to find a big bonus, but you also want to find a bonus that doesn’t have crazy wagering requirements. Finding the perfect medium can be difficult, but you can always join different poker rooms and receive multiple welcome bonuses if you wish.

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is when the poker room gives you a small amount of money so that you can play for real money in the poker room to test it out without using your own money. These bonuses are harder to find, but it seems more and more poker rooms are beginning to offer this type of bonus. Newer poker rooms especially will have no deposit poker rooms because they want you to give there room a shot and often the only way to do that is by giving you some free money to test out the poker room.

Reload Bonuses

Certain poker rooms such as TitanPoker will even offer players reload bonuses at certain times of the month and some rooms even all the time. If you can find a poker room that will give you a reload bonus on every deposit then I would suggest sticking with them. A reload bonus is the same as a welcome bonus except it isn’t for your first deposit into the poker room. You won’t find that many poker rooms offer reload bonuses often, but when you can get a reload bonus it’s suggested to take advantage of it.

Bad Beat Bonus

Some poker rooms offer bad bead jackpots where if you lose on a certain hand then you’ll win the jackpot which could be thousands of dollars. Not too many poker rooms offer the bad beat jackpot, but it’s a new feature that seems to be gaining popularity amongst the poker rooms.

These are the different bonuses that you can get from the online poker rooms and you should ensure that you’re getting every bonus you can. Once you clear your bonus make sure that you don’t just waste it because it was free money, consider it your money now and play poker like it’s your money at risk.

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