Friday, 23 Aug 2019

Turbo Sit and Go

Nine Player Sit and Go Turbo Strategy

A nine player sit and go tournament is the most commonly played poker tournament on sites like and the turbo version means that the blinds increase every five minutes. Playing the turbo version makes the game run a lot faster and you will be able to play more tournaments then if you we’re to play regular nine player sit and go tournaments. The top three players get paid money with each place winning a different percentage which means coming in first and third differs by quite a bit of money.

In a turbo tournament the blinds will increase very quickly and in a nine player tournament they will probably increase every rotation around the table. This means you aren’t going to see very many hands before your stack is hurting from the blinds and it means patience isn’t the key to winning. In a turbo tournament you need to make sure that you’re playing aggressively and opening up your starting hand selection because all your opponents will be. Tight players don’t fare well in turbo tournaments because there isn’t enough time to sit and wait for a monster hand.

With the blinds increasing every five minutes on FullTilt it won’t take long for the action to begin and usually there will be a couple players out within 10-15 minutes. While the blinds are in these first three stages you should aim to play as many cheap pots as possible to try and hit the flop. If you hit a monster hand then try doubling up your stack, but if not then just fold your hand. After the first three stages there will usually be about 6-7 players left in the match.

The action generally slows down at this stage and the players will begin waiting a bit for a big hand. The low stack will usually remain the loose action to steal the blinds and it won’t be long before another player is eliminated. Generally it will take about another 15 minutes for the field of players to be down to four which means you’re getting close to the money.

This is when the action really begins to tighten up due to the fact the top three players win money. The third and fourth place players won’t want to go all-in because they’d be risking losing without winning any money. I suggest playing tight in this situation unless you’re in the low stack. If you’re the low stack then you need to be fairly aggressive because you’ll need to either steal some blinds or double up to stand a chance in the tournament.

Once you’re in the top three you’ve won money no matter what happens and you’ve done part of your job. Your first job is to finish in third place minimum which you’ve accomplished and now you just need to try and win first place. Continue playing the way you’ve been playing and put pressure on your opponents. Most players won’t want to face an all-in with three players left either because the difference in payout from second to third is decent.

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