Friday, 23 Aug 2019

Five Card Draw Strategy for Beginners

More and more online poker rooms have begun offering five card draw to their players and it’s one of the quickest poker games to play which means you can play more hands. It’s also a game where you don’t need to worry much about getting a bad beat or anything because there is only one discard round for opponents and it isn’t like other poker games where there are community cards. If you’re tired of having your two pairs beaten on the river because some fish called you down with a flush draw then maybe you should consider playing five card draw. We’re going to look at some strategy that beginner players will find useful when making the move to this poker game.

Being able to sit patiently is going to help you win in five card draw and this game is definitely not for the action junkie player who loves betting. The first round betting round takes place after the deal and you need to decide whether to play the hand. Generally if you don’t already have a pair or better then you should fold, unless you want to try and chase a four card flush or open ended straight draw. Only chase if you’re getting good value in the hand because the chances of hitting draws in five card draw is very slim.

When you discard your cards during the discard round all of the opponents on your table can see how many cards you take. If you want to bluff your opponents in a hand then you could take zero cards or one card to make it appear as if you have a monster hand. As long as noone else has a monster hand then you will be able to steal the pot without any problems.

Since your opponents can see how many cards you discard you can obviously watch how many cards your opponents discard. Make sure you watch each opponent to see how many cards they discard because this will give you an idea of what they have. If they discard three cards then they usually have a pair, if they discard two cards then they usually have a pair and a high card or trips and if they discard one card then they could have a variety of hands such as two pairs, straight draw and flush draw. By having an idea of what your opponent is holding it will give you an idea as to whether or not you stand a chance in the hand.

Since there are only two betting rounds you will often have players call you down just to see what you have on low limit tables. This is why you can’t play too many hands and should only play the hands where you have a good shot at winning. The odd time you’ll be able to bluff by not taking any cards, but that’s only assuming your opponents are watching how many cards you discard, and although they should be they may not always be.

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